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Transition to 5.0 and Machine Builders: Everything You Need to Know to Offer ‘5.0 Ready’ Machines

The recent Transition 5.0 Plan, approved on February 26, 2024, revolutionizes the landscape of corporate investments, favoring companies that focus on high-energy efficiency machinery. This initiative offers significant tax incentives for businesses embracing this transition. Therefore, it becomes essential for machine manufacturers to adopt intelligent solutions, capable not only of monitoring energy consumption and certifying […]

Industrial IoT end-to-end, the vision of the digital machinery by 40Factory goes on stage at SPS Italia

At SPS Italia 40Factory will show the latest developments of Mat, the Industrial iot Edge & Cloud multi-platform solution for machinery, and Wilson.ai, the implementation of chat-GPT for industrial use. The full article on Innovation Post. Analysis of machine and plant data but also customer care, training, simplified access to company knowledge and enabling new […]

Industrial IoT: Why is it important for a machine manufacturer? What are the benefits?

The 40Talks series continues with Marco Bressanello, Strategic Innovation Consulting Manager of 40Factory who explains why a machine manufacturer should implement an industrial iot solution. The key? Do not limit yourself to the offer of technology, but use it as a means to enable new services with real added value that can increase the satisfaction […]

Predictive Maintenance: approach and advantages for machine manufacturers.

Predictive maintenance: a theme that many talk about, but that few really know. In this second episode of 40Talks, Federico pagani, Smart Maintenance Specialist of 40Factory helps to make clarity. How should a machine manufacturer approach this topic and what are the real benefits that an Industrial iot solution like #MAT can bring to its […]

Configurability and Scalability of IIoT Solutions

Configurability and scalability are two essential features that an Industrial IoT solution must necessarily meet. In this first episode of 40Talks, Claudio Bentivoglio, our Senior Front End Engineer, explains how 40Factory has addressed this challenge and how MAT can drastically reduce the setup and connection times of Connected Machines.

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