The scalable and configurable Industrial IoT solution that transforms data acquired from any type of industrial machine into valuable insights for your company.

One Solution, Many Features

With MAT's Machine Supervision, monitor machinery performance in real time.

Everything under control, anywhere, anytime.

With MAT's Lean Analytics, quickly identify and solve productivity bottlenecks.

Identify bottlenecks, increase efficiency.

With MAT's Machine Recorder, process diagnostics have never been easier.

The black box of your machines.

Efficiently manage energy and other resource consumption with MAT. Make your machines more sustainable.

Analysis of consumption for more sustainable machinery.

With MAT, receive instant notifications on critical events and respond promptly.

Configurable push notifications and automatic periodic reports.

With MAT, identify any knowledge gaps and improve training activities.

Empower line operators with superpowers.
What are your advantages?

Whether you’re a machine builder or an end user, MAT is built just for you. Discover the benefits.


Based on the latest technologies for factory digitization, MAT is extremely flexible and can be integrated with any existing solution and can be used in three different modes..

Full Edge
Edge + On Premise
Edge + Cloud
Open EDGE architecture

MAT Edge is based on Docker Container technology. This allows you to freely choose your hardware provider. Additionally, you can add other Docker applications to MAT to extend its capabilities. Through integrated technology, you can safely manage the entire fleet of connected edge devices.


MAT seamlessly integrates with all enterprise systems

Thanks to MAT REST API, it is possible to integrate MAT with CRM, ERP, MES, third-party Business Intelligence systems, or other enterprise software. Access to the APIs is possible from both EDGE DEVICE and CLOUD and. it is secured by a robust authentication system based on OAuth2 technology.


Cybersecurity by design

Your data security comes first

For 40Factory, the digital security of data is of utmost priority. That is why we regularly subject the MAT architecture to assessment and penetration tests, conducted by an independent and specialized partner, to ensure compliance with security standards. The architecture is designed on inherently secure technologies and infrastructures, ensuring the total separation of machine and customer data,with a fully certified and traceable access control system.


Industry 5.0: IIoT meets 3D & VR; VR

MAT also manages 3D and Virtual Reality technologies

Imagine being able to explore your machine’s 3D model directly from a web browser, interacting with every component: select a part and add it to your cart or start a maintenance-related instructional video with just a click.

All of this becomes reality with MAT XR, an advanced extension of MAT that incorporates Desys’ Linkersys technology.

Equipped with a VR viewer, you can immerse yourself in the plant, interacting with machinery and production lines. It’s also a valuable tool for educational purposes, training muscle memory in personnel within a simulated yet highly realistic and safe environment.

The only Industrial IoT solution with Generative AI

Get the answers you need conversationally. Ask

The integration of into MAT provides effortless access to your machine data. You can ask specific questions easily, such as identifying the machine with the lowest OEE or pinpointing the most frequent cause of downtime, and get an immediate response in any language.

Generative AI simplifies obtaining valuable information from MAT, without the need to manually search through application pages and dashboards.

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