The Generative AI-based virtual assistant designed for the manufacturing world.
Today’s manufacturing industry problems

High pressure on customer service staff

High staff turnover, lack of time to transfer knowledge

Increasingly complex technologies and lack of skills

Language barriers to accessing emerging markets is your company’s private white-label virtual assistant.

Thanks to its ability to process the knowledge present within the company, it becomes a true expert in customer service, R&D, engineering, automation, HR, sales, and much more!

Currently based on GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 algorithms, it allows for a multi-model approach so that the customer is free to choose.

What are your benefits?

Whether you’re a machine builder or an end-user, is built just for you. Discover the benefits.

How does it work?
Teach it what it needs to know

Upload new documents for training or remove existing ones. Use the Q&A feature to add questions and answers to increase’s knowledge.

Customize your

Upload your logo, choose the color palette, and a custom representation of Give it a name, and you’re done! You will have customized your virtual assistant!


Engage in dialogue with! You can use the automatic tag-based filter to focus on the necessary documentation: a product family, a specific department, and so on.

Evaluate and correct

Not satisfied with the answer? No problem. Let the expert correct so that it learns and continuously improves over time.

Verify sources

Check which sources were used to generate the answer and their respective scores. Directly access the knowledge base for quick consultation..

Manage users, groups and roles

Determine who can train and who can only access the chat. Assign each user a “profile” to allow them access to a specific part of the knowledge base.

With the web-based portal Academy, administrative users can manage the knowledge base in a hierarchical form, create and customize dedicated virtual assistants, and assign access permissions to other users, both within the organization and to external personnel, such as customers.

The knowledge base and vector storage remain in a cloud sandbox under your direct control. has been built to ensure privacy and total control over your proprietary information.

Thanks to the hierarchical structuring of knowledge and the management of users by roles and groups, you can create a customized virtual assistant for each business need: customer support, R&D and design, line operators, sales department, and so on.

Automate the upload of documentation and securely integrate into your business pipelines with’s REST API. Integrate into existing business applications, providing an integrated user experience.

Made for the industrial world

The chat can be integrated into any application: your website, a mobile app, a CRM, a custom application, in HMI along the production line, and much more


It learns quickly and autonomously. Upload documents in the original language and converse in over 100 languages.


Through hierarchical documentation management, automatically assigns TAGs to your documents

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Connected Machine Heroes | Ep. 3 | Drupa 2024 | Düsseldorf

24 Jun 2024
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29 Feb 2024
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