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Founded in 1970, the company has a long tradition in engineering and manufacturing machines for metal processing. The high-tech hydraulic and mechanical presses produced by Colosio are used in a variety of industrial sectors, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, and many other manufacturing applications. Today, the Colosio group is among the few manufacturers capable of internally realizing the entire die-casting island, perfectly integrated and complete with all automation accessories. All processes, from design to assembly and final testing, passing through mechanical processing, are carried out within the company thanks to 100 collaborators and more than 10,000 m² of covered surface. A totally internal know-how and a very careful post-sales service management guarantee customers a very high product quality and quick responses to the continuous market demands.

Vita, Colosio's IIoT application based on MAT.

Colosio's die-casting machines are even more innovative with the introduction of “Vita”, the Industrial IoT solution for managing connected assets configured based on MAT technology.

Vita offers a complete and reliable system for data collection and analysis, enabling Colosio to optimize the performance of its machines, prevent failures, and improve the overall productivity of end customers. Benefits that contribute to making the production system increasingly automated, reliable, and digital.

Modules ofVITA:

Consumption Analytics
KPI Analytics
Lean Analytics
Machine Recorder
Machine Supervision
Predictive Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance
Smart Notification

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