"Digital transformation for the manufacturing industry is no longer an option, but a necessity. Thanks to 40Factory's MAT, it becomes easily accessible to everyone"

The company

Founded in 1963, OMET is a leading company in printing and converting machines in the labeling, flexible packaging, and tissue sectors. Known for its innovative technology, the quality of its products, and high-level customer service, it offers a wide range of solutions for flexographic, offset, digital, and hybrid printing, along with machines for finishing and processing materials such as paper, plastic films, aluminum, and textile materials.

Sfera, the IIoT application from OMET based on MAT.

With the goal of assisting its customers in facing the challenges of Industry 4.0, OMET equips its machines with its own Industrial IoT solution “Sfera”, based on 40Factory's MAT. The name evokes the idea of foresight and knowledge towards the future, a choice that is linked to the historical figure of Galileo Galilei, a proponent of the Earth's sphericity.

“Galileo” is also the name given to the company's Customer Success department, now equipped with Sfera, which acts as the point of contact with end customers: the data collected from OMET machines are gathered and processed by the application, securely accessible both by end customers and OMET personnel. The visibility of machine operation and production progress in real-time by both parties allows for timely service intervention to avoid machine downtimes and the optimization of final production processes.

With Sfera, OMET shares and offers its know-how and experience to its end customers.

Modules ofSFERA:

Consumption Analytics
KPI Analytics
Lean Analytics
Machine Recorder
Machine Supervision
Smart Notification

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